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Autor:  Philippos [ Sonntag 20. Mai 2007, 22:56 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Die Thraker wollen es wissen :-)

Ancient Bulgarian Sanctuaries "Older" than Egyptian Pyramids

Source: Novinite

Bulgarian scientist will try to prove their hypothesis that the rock sanctuaries of Tatul and Perperikon in the Eastern Rhodopi Mountains are more ancient than Egyptian pyramids.

To prove their hypothesis, the scientists will organize the biggest archaeology expedition in the country that will be situated near the southern town of Kardzhali. The top Bulgarian archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov will lead the expedition.

The hypothesis of the rock sanctuaries' age was voiced some months ago by two Bulgarian historians. According to them the first cuts in the rocks there date back to the fifth millennium BC.

The archaeologists will seek evidence in the Orpheus sanctuary near Tatul, where previous expeditions have already uncovered a cultural layer date back to 20 century BC.

The excavations near Kardzhali will start on May 28 and will continue around 5 months. This daring initiative will cost more than BGN 200 000.

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